Junior School work:

Kiwi inquiry
Room 9 think that the kiwi is a national treasure and need to protect our kiwi so that they do not become extinct.
They found out all this information about kiwi and presented it on a slideshow.

Year 1 Students:
Room 10 has been looking at their local environment and they looked at different shapes in the environment that linked with Geometry. They used cameras and took many photos of different shapes and objects in the local environment. Year 1 students were taught how to use the cameras and then they used the photos as a background and created text to match their shape backgrounds. They used KidPix3 to create their awesome pictures.
Half_circle_Samantha.jpg rectangle_bruhathi.jpg
square_piper_g.jpg rectangle_jerry.jpg

Room 10 looked at different insects in the environment and then they had to choose one insect that they had to draw in KidPix3, which was put into a slideshow and it was presented at the whole school assembly.

Year 2 Students:

Term 2:

Mrs. Wendzich took a GATE group, which were some of the Year 2 students. We used the Inquiry model to find and select information about insects in our environment. Students had to use the internet and visit specific sites that the teacher gave them and then they had to select information that they could use. They also researched information by using books. Then they used all the information that they gained and presented mind maps in Kidspiration. Their work was presented at a whole school assembly in a Keynote presentation.

Gate Video

Room 5:

Room 5 went to visit the Botanical Gardens and took many different photos of the plants, flowers and the environment. They also had a session on reduce, reuse and recycle and took photos of them digging up different objects out of the ground. They returned to school and created posters in Comic Life using the photos that they took at the Botanical Gardens. Then we created a Keynote presentation to view all the posters that the students made.

Botanical Garden Video

Room 4: During Term 3 we are learning about "Treasuring our World"

Room 4 has decided to study the endangered species in Africa called the "African Elephants".
They have gained a lot of knowledge about the elephants in Africa. We need to take care of them because there are so many poachers in Africa that kill the elephants for their tusks. They sell the tusks to 22 ivory markets in Africa and about 12,000 elephants a year have to be killed to provide enough ivory for these markets.
Room 4 decided to create posters in Comic Life to save the elephants in Africa.

Look at their fantastic work.


Room 4

We are creating excellent posters in Room 4, and learning about elephants and how to care for them.