October 2009


3 really cool books called Wow! that will keep you intrigued for hours. You’ll discover something new on each page of these books. images.jpg
There’s Wow! The visual encyclopedia of everything with sections on space, nature, science and technology, human body.
Wow! Animal has lots of amazing things about animals of all kinds – things like skeletons, lifespans, feeding, communication, warnings, habitats, migration and heaps more.
Wow! Earth with lots of amazing things about planet Earth, rocks and minerals, water and weather, life zones and human influences on Earth.

New picture books
Clancy and Millie and the very little house by Libby Gleeson – images-1.jpg
Clancy has just moved house. He is missing his old house terribly - the new house is much too big and much too lonely. How will he ever make it his home?
Not last night but the night before by Colin McNaughton –
Not last night but the night before, everyone knocked at the little boy's door. They knocked him down when he let them in, but was there a big surprise for him?
Isabella’s garden by Glenda Millard - A lyrical picture book which explores the growth and continual change that goes on inimages-2.jpg Isabella’s garden.

For Doctor Who fans
Doctor Who: the visual dictionary - images-3.jpg
Just who is the Doctor? Find out in this visual dictionary. More aliens, more gadgets and more wonders from across time and space. Great illustrations.

Sophisticated picture books
Kiwi Dad’s by Yvonne Morrison -
There are all kinds of Kiwi dads. Here is a humorous, light-hearted look atimages-5.jpg what makes a Kiwi dad a special bloke.
images-4.jpgCaptain Congo and the Maharaja’s monkey by Ruth Starke – A graphic novel boys will love - When the Maharaja of Bekar dies suddenly and mysteriously, Captain Congo and his loyal offsider Pug are despatched by the Agency to investigate. They arrive in India to find the Palace of Rajputana teeming with intrigue. Even as preparations begin for young Prince Beki to be anointed as the next maharaja, it is clear that powerful enemies are scheming against him. While Pug goes deep under cover, the ever-observant Captain Congo races against time to unravel the villains' plot.

September 2009

If you’re into soccer
, a new fiction series has just come out called Foostriking-out.jpgtball Academy. The first 2 titles are Striking out and Boys United.
The author is Tom Palmer.

For those who like Zac Power stories try these as well:
Books by Charlie Small – great adventure stories
Secret agent Jack Stalwart series by Elizabeth Singer Hunt
Tremors series – these are by different authors. To find a list go to Advanced search on AccessIt and in the series field type Tremors.

Other new fiction
Don’t breathe a word by Marianne Musgrove – Mackenzie makes a promise to her sister, but she’s finding it hard to keep.6a00e0097e4e688833011571d045a3970b-300wi.jpg

The greatest blogger in the world by Andrew McDgreatest-blogger-in-the-world.jpgonald – Charlie has a secret goal in life – to win the Greatest Blogger in the World competition!

Quin Majik and the hairy roof rescue by Fleur Beale a whacky story about Quin, an inventor.

Just Macbeth by Andy Griffiths - humorous stories by this
favourite authorjustmacbeth-709246.jpg

external image justmacbeth-709246.jpg