P1070772.JPGRoom 11 Wiki Room 11 Wiki Room 13 dressed up as their favourite book character for our Book Week parade - can you recognise which characters we have dressed up as?


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We're exploring New Zealand birds, come and see!


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P1090001.JPGP1080225.JPG IMG_0432.JPGCheck out some photos the Middle School GATE group took of their icky mould! Guess which one grew from the whiteboard pens!

Room 25 investigated 'music' made from sounds in our local environment

Room 14 are studying the humble Hoiho!
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Websites about Recycling Created by Room 25Paper Recycling Recycling Aluminum

Endangered People!! Room 25's Websites made in Technology
Esther Joshua & Rui YiAlexander Cherry & Tobias
Adria Sean & CharlotteMaddison Taite & LiamJames Johnson Victoria
James Jennifer & CameronPeter Chelsea Anagh & Regant
Rebecca Vanessa & AnthonyHenry Isabelle & Noor

Room 11 have been investigating all the ways in which our world is
endangered...check out our Wiki to see what we are learning!

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Room 26

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  • Photos from our Mangere Mountain trip
  • Websites we created in technology

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