We love Clifford

Room 10 had a special visitor. Clifford arrived and helped to read a book. He was very funny. He did lots of actions while our teacher read because Clifford is a dog and he can't talk. We loved giving him a hug.

During Term Two Room 10 have been 'Discovering Our Past' and exploring the world of Dinosaurs.
We read, wrote, questioned, inquired, and learned so much about dinosaurs.
To finish the unit, we had a Dinosaur Fun Day. We made palaeontologist jelly with dinosaur lollies, scary masks, dino puppets, painted dinosaur eggs and had a great time.
Here is some of our work along with photos from our Dinosaur Fun Day!

What Am I?
I have a sharp spine on my back.
IMG_6623.jpgMy head is long.
I have sharp teeth and I have sharp claws.
I have medium sized legs and I have a middle sized neck.
I am a carnivore.
I am a lizard hipped dinosaur.

I am a Spinosaurus.
By Ryan

What Am I?
I have on my sides – wings.
I have a beak like a bird.
I have short legs.

I am a pterodactyl.
By Lucy

What Am I?
I have sharp teeth and also claws.
On my tail it is sharp and pointy.
My brain is small like two peas stuck together.

I am a T-Rex
By Piper

IMG_6604.jpgWhat Am I?
I have very sharp claws.
I am a carnivore.
I am really mean.
I have a brain like a pea and I am dumb.
I also have a short sharp tail.

I am a deinonychus.
By Ethan
What Am I?IMG_6612.jpg
I have a club tail.
I also have one bone on my eye to protect my eye.
I am an anklyosaurus.
By Matthew

IMG_6613.jpgWhat Am I?
I have sharp claws.
I’m quite the same as an Iguanadon.
I have sharp teeth.
I have a big mouth.
I am an egg eater.
I have a short neck.

I am a demosaurus.
By Terry

What Am I?IMG_6611.jpg
I have wings.
I have a long beak.
I am an omnivore.
I have claws.
I am the only dinosaur that flies.
My claws help me hang on trees.
I have no teeth.

I am a pterodactyl.
By Amisha

IMG_6614.jpgWhat Am I?
I have a big head and small claws.
I have very sharp teeth and
very very big body and a big tail.

I am a T-Rex
By Dylan

What Am I?

I am a carnivore.
I have a sharp pointy tail.
I am the king of all the dinosaurs.
I walked on two feet.
I can eat all the dinosaurs.
I can scare other dinosaurs and I have very sharp teeth.

I am a T- Rex.
By Jennifer

What Am I?IMG_6615.jpg
I have a long tail.
On my gums there are teeth.
My teeth are sharp.
I am a meat eater.
I have sharp claws.

I am a T-Rex
By Hamish

What Am I?
I have a short tail.
On my head there are three horns that protect my head.
I am a herbivore.
Maybe, I can be in forests.
My horns protect me from meat eaters.
I also have a long body.

I am a triceratops.
By Jeffrey

IMG_6610.jpgWhat Am I?
I have a long neck and a long tail.
I have two eyes.
I have thick legs.

I am a diplodocus.
By Sai

What Am I?
I have wings so I can fly.
On my face there is a beak like a bird.
I am a plant eater.
I walk on two legs.

I am a pterodactyl. By Alysa

IMG_6618.jpgWhat Am I?
I have sharp claws.
I have sharp teeth.
I have sharp feet.
I eat meat.
I am a carnivore.
I’ve got a big tail.
I’ve got an oval body.

I am an allosaurus.
By Jagjot

What Am I?IMG_6606.jpg
On my face I have three horns.
I am a herbivore.
I walk on 4 legs.
I have two little eyes.

I am a triceratops.
By Jason

What Am I?IMG_6607.jpg
I have longs legs and short arms.
I have a long tail.
I am a carnivore.
I have sharp jaws and claws.

I am a T-Rex
By Olivia

IMG_6616.jpgWhat Am I?
I am not alive any more.
I have a small brain.
I can walk slowly.
I eat plants.

I am a triceratops.
By Ali

What Am I?IMG_6619.jpg
I have three horns on my head for protection.
I am a slow dinosaur.
I walk on four legs.
I am heavy.
I eat plants so I am a herbivore.
Predators always try to attack me like T-rex and Allosaurus.
I haven’t got any claws on my foot.
I’ve got a bony plate on my head as well.

I am a triceratops.
By Joseph

IMG_6602.jpgWhat Am I?
I have razor sharp teeth.
I have sharp claws. I have a big spine.
I have a little brain that is the size of a seed.
I have big nostrils and a spiky tail.
I am a carnivore.

I am a Spinosaurus.
By Geordyn

What Am I?
I eat leaves.
I have three horns.
My horns are sharp.
My tail is short.
I walk on four legs.
My eye is little.
I am big.
My body is big.
I am a triceratops.
By Samantha

IMG_6600.jpgWhat Am I?
I love to eat, to munch on meat.
I’m grumpy and bumpy.
I do not share with the other dinosaurs.
I have no friends.
I walk on two legs.
I am very big.

I am a Tyrannosaurus Rex.
By Megan

What Am I?IMG_6621.jpg
I have two big claws on each foot.
My brain in twinsy.
I am a fast runner.
I am a meat eater.
I have razor sharp claws.

I am a velociraptor.
By Gabby

What Am I?
I’m gigantic.
I’ve got sharp teeth.
I eat meat.
I’ve got sharp claws.
I’ve got little eyes.

I am a T-Rex.
By Emma
Term 3
This term was all about discovering jobs that people do.
We had an awesome trip to Ambury Farm. We learned that Farming is very important for NZ.
There are many important jobs that need to be done on the farm.



Next we took a step forward in time and imagined what we would like to do when we grow up.
We wrote stories and ended the term with a Career Dress Up Day. I wonder how many of us will follow our Year 2 dream???

When I grow up I want to be a jewellery designer because I am good at art. I like jewels and beads. My family wants me to be a jewellery designer because people can buy my stuff.

by Alysa

When I Grow Up

When I grow up I want to be a chef. I like making roast beef and I make breakfast and nice dinners and it would be pasta. I like pasta. I have to wear a hat.
By Dylan

When I grow up I want to be a teacher so I can teach people. To start training I need to go to College. Where I work in Room 10 at Point View School, all of my children will be nice. We will do lots of art. I will give stickers for lovely work. I will buy lots of books. I will be nice to you if you are nice to me. I will have a big sign that says welcome. We’ll learn about butterflies. I can’t wait.
By Emma

When I grow up I want to be an inventor because when I play with my Lego I am creative. The other reason is I like the clothes inventors wear. My first thing that I am going to make is a remote controlled car with boosters on the back and its batteries are triple A’s. The car can get control by itself.I really want to be an inventor.By Gabby

When I grow up I want to be a vet because I want to make pets better. I will care for lots of rabbits, puppies, cats and guinea pigs. I will check pets bodies. I will wear a white special coat. I will check bodies with the stethoscope. I will check with an x-ray machine if they have broken bones. It will cost lots of money. I will love being a vet and I will work at a veterinary clinic. I will be a very good vet.
By Jennifer

When I grow up I want to be a diver because I can discover
colourful fish, black and white orca and even maybe a whale shark! But I must watch out for sharks as they think
I might be a seal. There is no way to escape from a shark!
I need special equipment like knives, air tanks and diving clothes. I don’t need tools like hammers, nails and wood. I can kill little capsules and get oil from their liver.
I’d like to be a diver.
By Joseph

When I grow up I want to be a chef. I will cook pork and roast beef . My restaurant has menus .The special says that it has bacon
and egg, ham, avocado pies. Also crunchy
and nice rice noodles. My restaurant has flowers and roses. My drinks will be Coca Cola and Sprite also Fanta. When they want to eat all of that stuff then they have to give me $50.99.

By Matthew

When I grow up I want to be an ice skate teacher because when I was three years old I started ice skating lessons, it was fun! I miss it. When I go there you can wear your own dress or ice skates if you own them. I want to be like my ice skating teacher Kelly. I’m good at it. I love ice skating! The colour of my two dresses are pink and rainbow! When I’m an adult I’m going to wear a warm jacket. I will teach them new moves for dances. They will love it forever.

By Olivia

When I grow up I am going to be a lolly pop person. I’m going to get a lot of money. I can take some lollies home for my children. My favourite lolly is chocolate fish and bears and snakes too. My last thing is a lollypop. I will love it. When I am working in the day I can take some lollies. When they are paying I will eat some. The lolly shop is going to be in Botany. The one that I am going to is the one that I go to now.
By Piper

When I grow up I will be a Policeman because they have some powerful weapons except a gun. Or I will be an explorer because then I can see lots of animals except the mummy in the pyramid. I will be a builder because I can get lots of money and I will make a transformer. I’d really like to be a builder.
By Ryan

When I grow up I want to be a baker but only if its fine with my parents! Anyway at least sometimes I do baking with my mum in the weekends. My favourite thing to make is muffins, cakes and cupcakes. They’re fun to make and delicious to eat!

By Shyla