Welcome to Room 2's Wiki Page ~ 2011We went on an Autumn walk. We saw many different coloured leaves; orange, brown, yellow, red and green. We played in the leaves and threw them up in the air! Some of us ran through the leaves and heard them crunch. What a fun time we had.
Walking sensibly to the park.

Sarah found a pretty purple leaf which she drew a picture of back in class.

Jason and Bevan enjoyed throwing the Autumn leaves into the air!

Angelina and Michelle holding up their two favourite leaves.

Room 2's Wiki Page ~ 2010


With our buddies we made 3D giraffes out of plastic bottles, newspaper, wire and papier mache paste. We covered our giraffes in patterns just like our favourite book character, Elmer the Elephant. We enjoyed making our 3D giraffes and felt proud of them being displayed in our Art Exhibition.

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3..2..1... BLAST OFF!

Room 2 went to the Observatory and learnt a lot of facts about Day and Night and the Planets. Here are some photos from the fun trip we had!

Ryan and Lydia in their seats ready to watch the movie about the two boys who blasted off into Space in their cardboard rocket! The second photo is of Cody who would love to be an Astronaut when he grows up!


Clifford is one of our best loved book characters. Room 1 and Room 2 were lucky enough to have him visit us with Mrs Munro. She read us a story while we listened with Clifford. Clifford could not read to us because he is a dog and dogs can't read. Read some of our very clever Clifford stories below.
Clifford has big ears and he is big too. Clifford likes books.
By Trisan Huynh

On Friday Clifford the big red dog came to visit us in Room 2.
By Lydia Moore

I like Clifford and Clifford likes me.
By Wilson Wu


Wild and Wacky Hair Day - Look at our creative hats and hair styles in Room 2!


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Room 2's Butterfly Experience
Room 2 has been learning about the life cycle of a butterfly. We had some caterpillars in our classroom and they ate lots of Swan plant leaves. They grew bigger and bigger and then they turned into a Chrysalis. After a long time of waiting and waiting we saw something wriggling inside the Chrysalis and then out came a wet butterfly. He sat on a leaf for a while for his wings to dry and then off he went, fluttering his wings as he flew around Room 2.

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