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Auckland Zoo
Here we are at the Auckland Zoo on the 31st August 2009. We are proudly presenting $300.00 to Amy the zoo's primate keeper. Last week we received our certificate to say that Room 3 has officially taken action and adopted orang-utans. =

Watch our movie about 'Treasuring our Environment'. We made bird feeders for the hungry birds in winter.

We took our photos on Photo Booth, printed them off in black and white and then coloured them in to look like Andy Warhol's Pop Art. This is a short iMovie of our original photos.

This term we are learning to 'Treasure our World'. We are specifically learning about the rainforests in South East Asia and the habitats of the endangered orang-utans in Borneo and Sumatra. This is one of our favourite youtube clips.

Room 3's message is ... PLEASE HELP US TO HELP SAVE THE ORANG-UTANS! We are taking action by collecting coins to donate to the Auckland Zoo Orang-utan fund. To date we have collected $107.00 Watch this space for more exciting orang-utan facts, writing, and artwork....